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Technical Assessments.

Technical Assessments

Technical Assessments


Identify and proactively manage vulnerabilities, mitigate risk and improve your overall security posture

Third platform, social media, smart devices and other technology innovations give organizations new opportunities to collaborate with customers and partners, expand into new markets and reduce costs. They also give new opportunities to attackers.

Businesses need to be prepared for cyber attacks, which requires proactive reviews of how well they protect their corporate and Technical Assessmentsclient information. Magi Security Services has a dedicated global team of ethical hackers, who have expert knowledge and abilities to help identify and proactively manage vulnerabilities, mitigate risk and improve your overall security posture.

Today’s adversaries are more sophisticated, better funded and have more resources at their disposal. Most of the time, organizations discover adversaries in their systems several months to a year after they first enter them. At that point, the damage is done.

Our professionals understand both your technical risks, and the business impacts of those risks to your organization. Our support includes:

Penetration Testing

LightForce, Magi’s elite group of ethical hackers, specializes in penetration tests that provide a security health check for your infrastructure. Our specially trained teams use both automated and manual techniques to develop attack scenarios that highlight risk to the largest, most complex environments down to the simplest operation. Whether you need an assessment of your Internet-facing systems, your internal infrastructure or both, we can provide you with a security snapshot of your environment, along with recommendations for mitigation.

Digital Forensics and Investigations

The need for digital forensic and investigative services by corporate legal counsels and Human Resources and IT departments has escalated and shows no signs of stopping. Our Digital Investigative Services provide the skills and expertise needed to meet the unique challenges of your organization’s digital forensic and investigative requirements, including digital forensic analysis; data collection, recovery and preservation; security incident response capabilities, and other digital, media-based investigative services.

Mobile Application Security Assessments

Mobility is essential to today’s operations. However, as mobility increases, so does risk. Magi can help you develop and manage a proper security development lifecycle for your Android and/or iOS in-house developed applications. Our LightForce team can also evaluate the security of these applications, performing penetration testing and activities designed to evaluate your apps’ security. This includes Mobile App data forensics, source code review, penetration, reverse engineering and de-compilation.

Magi Cyber Intelligence

With new attackers developing new types of threats daily, organizations need to keep current with the latest threat intelligence. Magi can enhance your organization’s knowledge of impending threats and provide dedicated real-time alerts and analysis. We obtain third-party private and public feeds, as well as have a global threat intelligence capability that monitors social networks, forums and Dark Web activity.

Red Team – Blue Team Exercises

One of the best ways to evaluate your security is to conduct an exercise that simulates a real attack. Magi LightForce team members perform the role of threat actors, emulating the attack methods on your systems to provide a realistic view of your overall security posture and response capabilities.

Targeted Threat and Breach Assessments

Advanced targeted attacks are penetrating environments without detection and, once they gain a foothold, can expand across your infrastructure and introduce further malware attacks. Magi’s counter-threat professionals search your environment to identify threats, including advanced persistent threats, operating in your enterprise. This service provides rapid assessment and analysis of threats on an ad hoc, quarterly and yearly basis to determine if and where your environment has been compromised.

Vulnerability Scanning for Cloud and Traditional Environments

Magi can scan your operations for vulnerabilities and technical compliance across both traditional and cloud infrastructure, servers and workloads. This service helps mitigate risk by balancing asset value, vulnerability severity and threat criticality. We offer this service on a one-time basis and as a periodic service to identify key system vulnerabilities and infrastructure remediation activities.