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Attacks threatening privacy and property continue to escalate — as well as penalties for failing to prevent them — while emerging technologies and platforms offer both opportunities and challenges. Determining the best approach to securing your enterprise, customers and partners can make the difference between success or damage to your brand.  As you look to adopt next-generation, third-platform technologies, including cloud, mobile and big data, our Cyber Consulting Services can help drive your business strategies and more securely move to an outside-in business model.General Cyber Consulting graphic wheelOur services provide high-value security expertise to help you prepare for and protect against cyber attacks and threats, and securely embrace innovation. They span short-term engagements, such as evaluating and testing your organization’s security posture, to longer-term projects, such as appropriately shaping your security strategy for today’s opportunities and challenges.CSC’s Cybersecurity experts can evaluate your organization’s operations and then recommend and develop strategies, programs and processes that will help you protect your operations and your use of traditional and innovative technologies.We combine more than 40 years of experience in information security with leading tools and methods to support your security program and protect your operations. Our deep industry knowledge, more than 1,800 security specialists and end-to-end solutions for traditional and next-generation technologies enable you to securely adapt as your business and risks change.

Provided by our world class experts, who have deep security experience and a wide range of security certifications, our services include:

Strategic Consulting

Today’s organizations need effective risk management; however, identifying where to start, what’s important and how to integrate security into the enterprise can challenge anyone. Our Strategic Consulting services help you transform your current security state into a more mature model.

Technical Assessments

Assessing your security state can help you find the vulnerabilities in your security before attackers discover them. Our Technical Assessments help you identify and proactively manage vulnerabilities, mitigate risk and improve your overall security posture.

IT Governance, Risk and Compliance

Almost daily, new stronger regulations governing security and privacy appear around the globe. Risk continues to rise. This consulting service streamlines the GRC process and provides you with enterprise-wide, real-time, continuous monitoring of your cybersecurity status.

Identity Management Consulting

Protecting identities and effectively managing access has become increasingly challenging. Using our Foundation Builder approach, CSC identity specialists assess your current state of identity management and evaluate the best paths forward to help meet your goals.

Incident Response

As your adversaries become more sophisticated, you need to be ready to rapidly plan, respond and remediate suspected or known security incidents. Through our Incident Response services, our cybersecurity specialists and forensic-data collectors investigate and remediate threats to your organization.