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Cyber Security

(6 open positions)

Information Security Engineer
Cyber Threat Management-Application SecurityAs it becomes increasingly difficult to prevent infiltrations and unauthorized activity, organizations need threat awareness and advanced detection and intelligence solutions to rapidly identify unauthorized or anomalous activity in their environments.

@Magi you will be part of a team that leverages deep experience with analytic and correlation technologies to help clients develop monitoring capabilities focused on critical business processes. By integrating threat data, IT data, and business data, security teams are equipped with context-rich alerts to help prioritize incident handling and streamline incident investigation. You can’t respond to threats you can’t see.

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Secure System Development Life Cycle (SSDLC) Architect
The responsibilities of a Secure System Development Life Cycle (SSDLC) Architect are broad and may vary depending on your level of experience and skills. Responsibilities include but are not limited to: Evaluating an organization s System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and identifying gaps or missing security related tasks and activities and making recommendations Assisting organizations in developing a SSDLC program, including tasks, activities, roles, and responsibilities to integrate security into a functional model Integrating automated testing tools (Static Application Security Testing SAST, Dynamic Application Security Testing DAST, and other technologies as necessary into the overall SSDLC process design

Developing training programs to support the necessary skills improvement with an associated SSDLC program Training customer staff on application security and remediation of application security code defects. Assessing and scoping of customer’s application security needs Contributing to project planning and project deliverables Collaborating with Product Management and Engineering to enhance products Representing Deloitte s technical, business, and professional values to customers, partners, and peers

Your team @Magi provides on-site Consulting and Managed services that help IT security teams better defend and enable today s dynamic business by refining and extending the security information and event management infrastructure. Vigilant by Deloitte empowers customers to more efficiently respond to shifting threats, achieve regulatory compliance, and prioritize protection of services that drive revenue and competitive advantage, and measure progress of the overall IT risk management program.

Technical Specialist – Functionals Safety and Cyber Security
The Functional Safety (FuSi) and Cyber Security Technical Specialist is responsible to provide technical leadership to the engineering organization from the managerial level down to the engineering level. Maintain a thorough understanding of industry best-practices, work to identify strategic competitive gaps and lead cross-functional resolution of competitive gaps and other issues identified in the organization.

Training and Development Consultant

(3 open positions)

The Training and Development Consultant will oversee the development and maintenance of training materials, advise on learning strategies and solutions, and work with Subject Matter Experts in various regional and corporate roles to coordinate content and knowledge dissemination to the field. This training will build our Team Member’s knowledge and skills enable them to further develop the skills needed to perform their jobs; from Leadership to Sales and service Technical Skillsets training programs and topics, process improvements, system enhancements. The candidate for this role will have high energy, outstanding people skills and be able to deliver the material effectively through instructor-led training, online training solutions and everything in between. They will also be able to work independently and have prior experience with content development and delivering training to different types of learners.


  • Work closely with clients to ensure appropriate training execution and leverage field subject matter experts.
  • Conduct needs analysis, instructional design, development, delivery, assessment and evaluation of learning programs.
  • Content design and development for multiple programs through a variety of formal and informal learning channels. This includes instructor-led, web-based, virtual and other delivery approaches.
  • Create a learning climate in which participants are engaged and eager to contribute.
  • Develop learning reinforcement tools such as job aids and other learning tools, including quick reference guides.
  • Work closely with cross-functional business units to plan and execute new training related tools and systems, and communicate changes to the organization.
  • Evaluate user training performance and provides feedback and results to trainees and Managers.

Business Intelligence

(2 open positions)

Our Technology and Digital Advisory practice helps middle market and growth companies fully leverage digital technology to drive business success. We’ve assembled a team of top-tier technology advisers who help companies discover new ways to operate more efficiently, build customer loyalty, and turn data into actionable insights. Our standard is consistent excellence, so we recruit only top talent: experienced business professionals who also happen to be technology experts.

Dashboard PM

  • Understand the business stakeholders’ objectives, the metrics that are the most important to them, and how they measure their performance.
  • Work closely and collaborate with business partners and leadership to take in business requirements and translate them into technical requirements.
  • Develop relationships with engineers and peers to determine the correct data sources for a given analysis
  • Lead and/or participate in design reviews of prototypes, and applications ready for production.
  • Work with the team to incorporate requests for enhancements and new projects into an agile process.
  • Suggest opportunities for improvement and identifies alternate solutions.
  • Work with development and leadership team to define scope, level of effort and timelines for incoming requests.
  • Establish standard methodologies for data assessment and interpretation across multiple dashboards to ensure consistent information representation.
  • Learning from, and sharing knowledge and skills with your teammates to grow BI’s total impact to the organization.

Dashboard Developer

  • Develop databases and/or dashboards using current software.
  • Design and implement business intelligence solutions leveraging our product suite.
  • Integrate our BI Executive Dashboard suite with Client Data Warehouse.
  • Use SAS and SQL to include writing complex queries and stored procedures.
  • Build presentations of the dashboards using a variety of user interfaces.
  • Code and maintain complex components of information systems.
  • Assist and advise in the creation of test plans with QA resources.
  • Learning from, and sharing knowledge and skills with your teammates to grow BI’s total impact to the organization.

Keeping it simple e-Mail if interested.

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