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Digital Business Automation. Automating Business Processes

Create a fast, business-driven transformation using proven digital business automation.

Digital business automation is creating huge opportunities to transform experiences, increase productivity and unlock operational efficiencies across every business department – but unlike previous waves of automation the goal is not simply to add digital technologies to existing processes but rather use them to transform the way work is done.

  • Automate digital processes spanning the whole business
  • Streamline sales, servicing, HR, finance, etc through automation
  • Easily integrate data from systems like Office, CRM, ERP, …
  • Mobilize digital processes to transform productivity
  • Instantly deploy automation at global scale using automation clouds
  • Eliminate the high costs of hardware, software and operations

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) improves operational efficiency by completing tedious, repetitive digital tasks using a software agent called a “robot” or “bot”. Each robot operates at a lower cost and performs the required series of steps with greater speed and accuracy than a human. Repetitive manual tasks that involve the application of business rules are prime targets for RPA.

Instead of manually entering data, organizing and combining documents, copying and transferring files, or verifying that fields in various forms or databases conform to business requirements, robots perform these processes much more quickly, securely, and reliably. Robots perform sequences of digital tasks around the clock at peak efficiency, typically outperforming their most diligent human counterparts by 500 to 1,000 percent!


The power, flexibility, and value to digitally transform
your day-to-day business operations

By taking care of boring, time-consuming tasks, robots allow human personnel to assume more satisfying roles that require complex thought and creativity. RPA is quickly gaining traction in data-driven business roles like F&A, HR, Operations, and IT, and is most popular in service-oriented organizations like law and accounting firms, financial institutions, insurance companies, and hospitals.


Reduce your operating expenses and shorten your closing cycle

In addition to efficiency and accuracy, RPA is a completely enterprise-ready solution. Since RPA’s robot workers are digital entities themselves, security and auditing become much easier. Each robot can be configured to generate a detailed audit trail, and reducing human access to sensitive information limits the chance of a security breach. Analytics and reporting are also simplified, with the robots assigned to each process automatically delivering vital real-time statistics and notifying their human supervisors of any processing exceptions. Adding additional robots for further automation is a snap, offering scalability that cannot be matched by either on-shore or off-shore outsourcing services. The robotic process automation services ensure that your robots are configured optimally, and can even be imbued with cognitive abilities so they learn from human knowledge workers’ behavior.

Your Advantages

  • Improves processing times by 5 to 10 times and significantly reduces delays
  • Robots can perform duties around the clock, improving availability
  • Reduces operating costs with a value-driven pricing structure
  • Deploys in days and weeks, not months and years
  • Does not require changes to underlying processes or systems
  • Robots operate and are trained at the GUI level and do not require API-level interfaces
  • Robots take less time and investment to retrain on new processes and systems than humans
  • Improves information security by reducing human access to business data
  • Automated procedures become easily audited
  • Improves accuracy and compliance to business rules, reducing business risk
  • Provides real-time performance analytics and reports
    Human workers can move from boring repetitive work to complex, creative business roles, improving employee job satisfaction
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